Your Friends Will Soon Move to a New Office? This is a memorable gift that you can give

Gifts are indeed a matter that is awaited by many people. Many moments can be a sign that you must give a gift to someone, such as his birthday, or even the day of your separation from him. For example, when your friends have to change offices, there are several gifts you can give. An example is a music box. In fact, now you can custom music boxes to give you a more beautiful impression.

Not only music boxes, but there are also several other gifts that you can give as a farewell sign to your friends who have to leave your office. Some of the prizes in question are

1. Agenda book
This agenda book is not only used to record daily activities but also has content that is as diverse as a page to write a route to a page to record expenses in detail. Functional, right? This is also a gift that you can find anywhere and certainly, the price is not too expensive but still leaves a good impression on your friend’s eyes.

2. Pen with name engraving
Awarding a pen or pen seems normal, but if you give a pen that has been personalized, it will certainly feel exclusive while supporting the writing activity. You only need to find a service that can print your friend’s name on the pen.

3. Do not contain interesting quotes
In addition to creating and printing it yourself, you can easily get inspiring quote posters at easy prices. The theme can also be adjusted to your friend’s character. Are people vintage, Muslim, or others. Select the quote wall decoration to suit your needs here.

4. Photos
Try to collect the photos of you two and the frame with cute frames to capture togetherness in a picture. Choose a frame that matches the character of your friend or in accordance with the theme of the photo you gave it. This will be a memorable memory for him who will immediately go to the new office.

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