The benefits of living in a beachside house

What are the benefits of living on the beach? We see together! Hopefully this way we can see other benefits that we have in this life. In the meantime, you can visit to check out the excellent beachside properties in Lombok.

You are the first person to see the rising sun and sunset

Many people know who are willing to spend the night on the beach so they can see the sunrise. But for those of you who are places by the beach, then you don’t need to do this, because you can freely see the sunrise every day. Not only does the sunrise, but you can also see the sunset every day.

Travel Every Day

If many people make the beach as one of the tourist destinations and have to spend quite a lot of money on accommodation and others. So you as a coastal citizen should be grateful because you can travel for free every day.

How come it’s not free to try, just leave the house, you can already hear the crashing waves and the smell of salty sea water. Wow, that means the beachside people are far from the word stress! Yes, if the person is good at being grateful he will certainly not be stressed, because of the daily recreation.

Can Buy Fish at Low Prices Even for free

If a fisherman just returns from fishing or fishing, then you are the first person who will see it and you can immediately buy fish from first hand. That way, you will get fish that is much cheaper than people who live in the mountains.

Besides being cheap, you will always get fresh fish, because you buy directly from fishermen who have just returned from catching fish. Not only that, you can be lucky to get fish for free. For example, when fish caught by fishermen are fish that are not sold well, the fishermen will be willing to share them with you.

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