How to Wash a Carpet in order not to smell bad

One complaint after washing the carpet, the result is smelly or at least still musty. Even though the carpet was felt to be very clean, using a brush and even fragrance.¬†carpet water extractor¬† Especially if it’s not dry all day because of the rainy season or not using a special dryer. The smell of the carpet is not a mess. The complaint does not only come from the perpetrators of washing in the household. The carpet cleaning service is often complaining about the same thing, especially business people who have just plunged into the wet-wet business. The smell that comes out of the carpet washing is not because washing is not clean. That is due to bacteria that thrive and reproduce in the pores of a moist carpet. So you can imagine the smell, the carpet gets water for two days, in a dirty state, guaranteed the smell of shrimp paste and even the smell of carcasses. To avoid this, you should use the services,

First, clean the carpet with plenty of water, also brushed using either a hand brush or a carpet brush machine. Like washing carpet in general. Second, the results of laundry must be visible. For example, the carpet looks cleaner and is conceived before washing. The sign of clean carpet, if it has been seen on the carpet droplets or used water, the carpet is no longer yellowish. The water looks clear like before passing the carpet. Third, this is the most important. Give chlorine. How chlorine can be mixed with water and then poured on the carpet either before being brushed or after being brushed. Chlorine can also be sown directly and mixed with detergent then rubbed with a hand brush. The sign of chlorine works, feels the smell of carpet and chlorine fused to produce a distinctive aroma but still fresh, especially if it is dry. Be careful when sprinkling chlorine, if the chlorine ash is sucked a little bit into the nose and throat.

Fourth, drying in a place that is really hot and in an open space. Open space will result in maximum dryness and easy dryness due to wind assistance. Fifth, when it is dry it is dried in the sun before it is brought to the room, the carpet first piles up so that the small gravel or dust that passes on the carpet pores is gone. It would be better if before being used vacuum first so that it is completely rusted away.

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