SEO is an art without any black and white

During this time we know is Black SEO and White SEO. Black SEO is Black SEO which according to Google is content, links, and traffic (spam) that is not useful for visitors. Making search results on Google becomes useless for visitors. This is what Google continues to fight to eliminate it from search engine results pages. Because there are also those who escaped because seo practitioners who use black seo made it to first place. But if that is caught by Google, the website will be punished so that it is no longer displayed on the Google search engine page. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to visit if you need a good SEO company to assist your business.

White SEO is White SEO which according to Google must be focused on the quality of the content so that it is useful for visitors. If your content is good, visitors will come to your website a lot and they read the content so that the quality of your website will naturally increase in rank, not using unnatural methods (black seo).

Is it true that we have to choose one?

In my experience, SEO Science is Art, we cannot choose between black and white. Those who choose to use Black SEO may have been too excessive to be caught by Google. Sometimes there are experienced practitioners who still use what is called Black SEO but with enough levels. And this, of course, must be those who are experienced. For those who are inexperienced can use trusted SEO services or really focus on the quality of the content so that naturally your website is liked by Google.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Experience are the combination needed so that the Science of SEO becomes an Art. Art is a beauty that can be enjoyed and does not harm others.