Get to Know What Types of Web Hosting You Can Use

The more businesses that use websites as part of marketing their products or services, then they also have to use the right web hosting to control the website. A good website will also be accessible to many people at the same time. Therefore, if your company’s website cannot be accessed by many people, it will be in vain. You must use the right servidores so that your website can run perfectly.

However, do you know that in general there are several types of web hosting that can be used? Some of these types are Shared, Dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and the last are Cloud Hosting. To recognize it further, below is the sense of web hosting that you must know well.

– Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is a term that is usually used for web hosting services where several websites must share resources from large web servers. Or if exemplified like one home (web server) for some people (blog/website).
Shared hosting itself often has a more affordable price if compared to other types of web hosting. Generally, hosting service providers offer shared hosting at fairly cheap prices.

– Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting is a type of hosting that is usually used with resources dedicated to a single client. If Shared hosting, one web hosting for several blogs. Then Dedicated hosting, one web hosting for one user. With that you can more freely manage resources, manage bandwidth, to save files.
Web hosting service providers generally offer different packages and at different prices for a Dedicated Hosting service package.

– VPS Hosting
This is a type of server that does offer virtual servers to their customers. The virtualization concept of VPS is actually similar to shared hosting schemes, where one web hosting allows for multiple websites.