These are the Three Types of Content That Exactly Affects the SEO

Today, the use of SEO for digital marketing has indeed been done by many people. Lots of business people who rely on SEO in every digital marketing they do. SEO is indeed considered as an important thing that can help them in placing a website or blog that they have on the first page even in the first place in search engines.  more help They also choose to use consultor seo to make the SEO can run optimally.

In SEO, quality content is certainly a major concern. No matter how large a site is, content still has a major role for website success and SEO itself. However, there are some people who don’t realize that the content they make actually has a bad effect on SEO. Here is the type of content that is bad for SEO.

– Too many typing errors or typos
Typos or typos are common in an article. As a human being who is sometimes negligent, typo often occurs and that is the function to check the content that has been created.
Too many typos can interfere with readers, this also makes search engines reduce points in articles on your site.

– Titles that do not match the content
This might be one of the things that are very popular. Clickbait, this is a method of inducing the reader by making a bombastic title, but the contents of the content do not match the title.
Using a title that doesn’t match the content can have a negative impact on your site’s SEO. Avoid this so that your website doesn’t get bad value from search engines like Google.

– Repeat keywords too often in one paragraph
Maybe many myths believe that repeating keywords as often as possible in paragraphs can make SEO get the most results.
Do not repeat the keywords frequently in one paragraph. Make content as natural as possible because search engines like Google can detect things like this.