Granite Countertops Installation Is Not Easy, But We Have Ways to Be Easier

Granite countertops are widely used ingredients. Although there are still those who maintain the classic impression by using wood as a kitchen table, in fact, granite provides benefits from aesthetics and easier maintenance. The use of granite is also more durable. As for the installation, you must use experts such as the Dallas Granite Countertops. It’s quite difficult to install granite countertops without the help of expert workers. Because there are stages that must be done very carefully.


What are the stages of installing countertops granite?

– Measure the kitchen set
Make sure the size is right because you have to order the appropriate large granite. Usually, the edge of the granite material will slightly protrude from the actual kitchen set. The holes in the kitchen set will also be measured, such as sink holes and planting stoves. To facilitate the next process, it will be pasted using cement paper that fits the size with granite. The paper will be perforated according to the size and position of all the holes in the kitchen set.

– Cut granite material
Granite will be cut using a special machine to cut granite. Templates made of cement paper will be attached to the surface of the granite, then will be cut according to the size of the template. Dallas granite countertops are skilled workers so there is no need to worry about the results of cutting.

– Make adhesive liquid
In order to install granite material into the kitchen set, it requires adhesive liquid. This liquid is made according to the granite material used and then applied to the surface of the kitchen set. This adhesive liquid coating must be careful and ensure that the granite can be attached perfectly

– Installation of granite
After the adhesive has been applied, the granite installation is done as soon as possible. The position will be ascertained absolutely right before attaching granite material to the kitchen set so that it does not need to shift it repeatedly. In order to really glue, you need to wait for one to two days.

– Close the gap and finish
Between the sinkholes and the cooktop, there will be a gap with granite material. The gap will be closed using a resin so that the results look neat while avoiding dirt from entering the gap.