Knowing how to succeed in picture story session of B1 exam

Instead of understanding of the characteristics and doing a lot of practices, it seems difficult for everyone to pass a certain language skill test. It feels careless that you just book the date of the test on english knowledge test online free  instead of considering time of the preparation. At this point, everyone must agree that lack of preparation leads them to be more speculative to run the test. As the result, they are not confident to see the result. They may do at this way, but they should not put the result in high expectation.

It is different that you intend to prepare for the test seriously. You are really in attempt to understand of the details of the tests. In example, suppose you are about to take B1 examination, you are about to study the characteristics of the test. Here the test consists of several sessions including spoken session. Further, spoken session is divided into some parts including picture story. Basically, you are about to tell a story based on six to eight pictures. The pictures are given before you get into the examination room. It is not about right or wrong story. It is rather about how you can arrange the story properly.

You are allowed to arrange the story in notes before entering the examination room. However, once you get in the room, you must not open your notes and you are just allowed to focus on telling the story based on the pictures.

It is important to show the perfect story as you only have a limited time to deliver the story. Instead of this sort of preparation, it feels quite difficult for somebody to deliver a story properly. Thus, a lot of practices are likely to be the fundamental aspect that keep you feel always confident.