Various Window Treatment Options

Window treatment is an activity carried out to beautify your home window. Here are some themes that you can try in your home. Do you want to do a replacement window? Visit replacement windows Houston.

– A Breezy Look
The application of window treatment is not only done for home interior decoration but also exterior. You can be creative by making a special outdoor courtyard to relax, by adding curtains that hang beautifully.

– Layers of Pink
Cover several types of curtains on one window, using elements of pink. Use bright color vibrations so that the appearance of the room with curtained windows is more colorful and fresh nuances.

– Bold Contrast
Make curtains with contrasting or striking fabrics. Don’t forget to use curtain hangers that are equally unique so the room has a different feel.

– Full of Frills
The more unique a window treatment, the room will also have an interesting and different feel. There is no harm in adding a tufted element of the curtain and dangling as if excess cloth, but still beautifully installed. Especially if installed in a vintage-style bedroom.