4 Basic skills that must be possessed by a customer assistance

Everything, both work, and business, which is directly related to customers, is a challenge. Before dealing with customers, you need to have several skills. It may look normal, but if your customer service is not satisfactory, then you must be ready to be abandoned by your loyal customers. Apart from that, visit this site if you need the simple and efficient 1300 numbers.

If you are an employee who works in the customer assistance, sales, or dealing directly with customers, you must have some of these basic skills.

1. Patience

Yep, this is the most important thing you have to have. If you want to be a sales or customer assistance while you don’t have the slightest patience in yourself you are better off looking for another profession. You will face a lot of customer complaints, customer chatter, even cursing from customers. Imagine if you find customers complaining about various expressions and then you are angry with your customers, you will lose potential customers even loyal customers will leave you.

Make sure you take the time to find out what they need and what they really want.

2. Attention

For those who feel men may have to read this section twice if you want to be loved by your lover. Your ability to pay attention to your customers is important because then you will really hear what the customer feels, whether it’s a positive input or an unpleasant input. But whatever the input from the customer, it can make you forward better.

3. Clear communication

Submitting information to customers must be done clearly so that it can be understood by your customers. If the customer misunderstands the information you provide, it can make your customers feel disappointed, and you may even suffer losses. Provide information that is truly clear and understandable to the customer and eliminate anything that can doubt your customer.

4. Product knowledge

Maybe you are not a technician or your field of work does not cover technical matters, but you must really know all the knowledge about your product, how your product works, and everything related to your product. If you have technical difficulties, you can submit to your technical department. Without mature product knowledge, you will not know how to help your customers if they experience difficulties.

How to Wash a Carpet in order not to smell bad

One complaint after washing the carpet, the result is smelly or at least still musty. Even though the carpet was felt to be very clean, using a brush and even fragrance.¬†carpet water extractor¬† Especially if it’s not dry all day because of the rainy season or not using a special dryer. The smell of the carpet is not a mess. The complaint does not only come from the perpetrators of washing in the household. The carpet cleaning service is often complaining about the same thing, especially business people who have just plunged into the wet-wet business. The smell that comes out of the carpet washing is not because washing is not clean. That is due to bacteria that thrive and reproduce in the pores of a moist carpet. So you can imagine the smell, the carpet gets water for two days, in a dirty state, guaranteed the smell of shrimp paste and even the smell of carcasses. To avoid this, you should use the services http://spotlesscarpet.info/,

First, clean the carpet with plenty of water, also brushed using either a hand brush or a carpet brush machine. Like washing carpet in general. Second, the results of laundry must be visible. For example, the carpet looks cleaner and is conceived before washing. The sign of clean carpet, if it has been seen on the carpet droplets or used water, the carpet is no longer yellowish. The water looks clear like before passing the carpet. Third, this is the most important. Give chlorine. How chlorine can be mixed with water and then poured on the carpet either before being brushed or after being brushed. Chlorine can also be sown directly and mixed with detergent then rubbed with a hand brush. The sign of chlorine works, feels the smell of carpet and chlorine fused to produce a distinctive aroma but still fresh, especially if it is dry. Be careful when sprinkling chlorine, if the chlorine ash is sucked a little bit into the nose and throat.

Fourth, drying in a place that is really hot and in an open space. Open space will result in maximum dryness and easy dryness due to wind assistance. Fifth, when it is dry it is dried in the sun before it is brought to the room, the carpet first piles up so that the small gravel or dust that passes on the carpet pores is gone. It would be better if before being used vacuum first so that it is completely rusted away.

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Masalah Komunikasi Satelit dan Potensi di Era Global Internet

Mayoritas jaringan tulang punggung dan akses internet saat ini menggunakan jaringan terestrial, seperti kabel tembaga dan optik, dengan bandwidth bervariasi dari kilobyte hingga ratusan megabyte. Meskipun kabel mendominasi akses internet, studi tentang penggunaan jaringan seluler / nirkabel untuk aplikasi bandwidth lebar juga banyak dilakukan. Di antara jaringan seluler / nirkabel, jaringan satelit GEO memiliki potensi tinggi untuk aplikasi multimedia dengan sejumlah besar penyiaran dan kemampuan data multicast di daerah yang sangat luas yang memberikan kemungkinan hubungan global. Distribusi internet melalui satelit, terutama satelit di GEO, memberikan beberapa keuntungan / kelebihan, yaitu bandwidth lebar: satelit yang beroperasi pada frekuensi Ka-band (20-30 GHz) akan dapat menyalurkan throughput dalam pesanan gigabit per detik. Relatif murah karena tidak ada biaya pemasangan dan satu satelit dapat mencakup area yang luas. Topologi jaringan sederhana: dibandingkan dengan model interkoneksi mesh pada jaringan terestrial, satelit GEO memiliki konfigurasi yang lebih sederhana. Dengan topologi sederhana, kinerja jaringan lebih mudah dikendalikan. Anda dapat menemukan informasi lebih lanjut tentang ini dengan Baca lebih lanjut.

Di sisi lain, komunikasi satelit menimbulkan masalah utama untuk aplikasi internet, yaitu latensi antara stasiun bumi / terminal. Untuk sistem komunikasi satelit GEO, latensi setidaknya 250 m-detik. Terkadang ditambahkan ke proses framing, antrian, dan onboard switching sehingga latensi dapat berkisar dari 400 milidetik. Latensi ini kira-kira 10 kali lebih tinggi daripada serat optik point-to-point. Latensi ini memiliki sedikit efek pada transfer data atau aplikasi penyiaran, tetapi sangat berpengaruh pada aplikasi interaktif yang memerlukan handshaking, dan sayangnya, TCP memerlukan interaksi tersebut. Hari ini Internet menggunakan TCP untuk aplikasi utamanya. Kinerja TCP pada jaringan delay tinggi memiliki pengaruh langsung pada kinerja akses internet menggunakan satelit GEO. Penundaan ini dirasakan sangat lambat jika Anda akan mentransfer sejumlah besar file. Penundaan satu arah di GEO kira-kira 250-270 milidetik, sementara protokol TCP mengharuskan penerima harus mengirimkan pemberitahuan kepada pengirim untuk memberi tahu bahwa segmen yang dikirim telah diterima dan menunggu segmen berikutnya. Jadi untuk mengirimkan segmen diperlukan sekitar 500-540 milidetik, nilai ini akan memperlambat proses transmisi data.

Jika kita memiliki tautan T1 (1.544 Mbps) dan mentransmisikan segmen 64 KB per jendela TCP, diperlukan 339 milidetik untuk mentransmisikan segmen. Penerima akan menerima segmen setelah 270 milidetik dan pengirim akan menerima pengakuan setelah 270 milidetik berikutnya, sehingga dibutuhkan 879 milidetik untuk mentransmisikan segmen lengkap.

Create a safe home atmosphere for children with these three ways

Having children certainly makes you more careful in creating a safe environment for your child. Not only outside the home, but inside the house can also be a dangerous place for children. Because children do not fully understand what is in their homes, they will not be careful. You as a parent must arrange all the equipment at home. For example a cabinet, you can lock it every time. Visit https://householdprof.com/best-child-proof-cabinet-locks-buyers-guide/ for me to get a quality cabinet key. This is to prevent children from opening the cabinet and making the cabinet overwrite it.

For you parents, create a safe and comfortable home atmosphere for children in several ways.

1. Secure all stairs
You may need to install a fence or door at each top and bottom of the stairs to reduce the risk of falling on the child. Make sure your child cannot open the door and the door is firm enough so that it won’t come off when your child pushes it.

2. Check all household appliances
You may need to make sure that every piece of furniture in your house is stable or not easily dropped. Make sure you do not provide easy access for children to reach high and dangerous places such as kitchen tables.
Also, pay attention not to let hot and sharp objects lie carelessly. Knives, stoves, irons, or even a bowl of hot noodles can be a disaster for children.

3. Keep all drug containers out of reach of children
Children have a tendency to follow the behavior of more mature people. If you take certain drugs, your child may also want to follow your behavior and do the same. In addition, colorful pills can also be an attraction for children. Therefore, it is better if you keep all types of medicines away from the reach of children.

By paying attention to the three things above, it can help you in creating a safe and comfortable home condition for children.

The production and benefits of biofuel

If you are confused about the rising fuel prices, but still want to use good products as a source of energy for cars and all the other equipment you use, biofuels can be an excellent choice. Biofuel is a green fuel that can be used on livelihoods and is a fairly affordable solution. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to check out the book which is written by Daniel Ballerini to learn more about this fuel.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuels are defined as liquids, solids, or gas fuels made from biological materials that have just died. This is what distinguishes biofuels from fossil fuels, which are produced from biological animals and plants that have died millions of years ago.

The most common sources of biofuels are photosynthetic plants, and throughout the world, these fuels are used to fuel stoves and vehicles. This industry began to grow rapidly in Europe and Asia, and some Americans began to follow this trend too.

Biofuel Research and Production

There are two main ways to produce biofuels. One of them is planting plants that have high sugar content, such as sorghum, sugar cane or sugar beet. Corn flour can also be used to make this fuel, and after this plant has been harvested and processed, fermentation of yeast will produce ethyl alcohol or ethanol.

The second method for obtaining biofuels is to use plants that have high vegetable oil content; these plants include soybeans, algae, or oil palm. This oil can be processed chemically to produce biodiesel.

Biofuel has become the center of a number of economic debates around the world, such as the issue of the level of carbon emissions in the air, and the debate over biofuels versus food. The impact of biofuel on water resources is also a topic of discussion between the government, scientists and practitioners. Scientists and economists are also looking for ways to ensure that soil erosion can be reduced if biofuels are being produced, and of course, the cost of petroleum prices is also taken into consideration.

However, basically, biofuels are clean energy fuels that can be renewable and natural. Using natural-fueled cars will help us to make progress to improve environmental air quality, which can also preserve natural resources in this world.